Walt Reed Has Sadly Passed.

We are sad to inform you that Walt Reed passed away in his home on March 19, 2015.

To all of you who have met Walt Reed and Roger Reed, we would appreciate it if you would send an email to Roger Reed recalling what Walt meant to you and send a copy to to be posted on Squint.

The History of Illustration, the respect for illustration, and the collecting of illustration, would probably not exist as it does without Walt Reed opening the doors and educating all of us.

Painting of Walt Reed by Ron Spears


Society of Illustrators 26th Member's Open Call For Entries


In recognition of the tradition of portraiture, 

artistic collaboration, and the long-standing history of the Hall of Presidents,

the Society of Illustrators is excited to launch the exhibition:


Artists Illustrating Artists

Curated by Leslie Cober-Gentry


Artist members of the Society are asked to create their own visual interpretation of another artist; which includes member artists or non-members artists, living or deceased, contemporary or historical, or the artist themself as a self-portrait. 

Learn more...


Deadline: May 20th, 2015


On display: June 2nd - August 15th, 2015


Opening Reception: June 17th, 2015


Who can enter: Any Illustrator, Illustrator-S, or Educator Member of the Society of Illustrators.

DeadlineArt must be sent to the Society by May 20, 2015.


Guidelines for Art: It is up to our Members to represent the Society at the highest level in this exhibition, which will be viewed by the public and all the remarkable art communities of New York City. Art may be created in any medium including oil, watercolor, digital, collage, etc. No size requirements. Work must be framed with wire on the back ready to hang. The Society will be using safety clips to secure art to the walls. For this reason we request wood frames. 

Artist Agreement: Email to receive the Artist Agreement.  Agreement must be filled out before work can hang in the exhibit. 

Illustrations by Leslie Cober-Gentry, Alan Cober, Victor Juhasz, Steve Brodner, Sam Weber, Peter De Sève, and Kris Mukai


For questions please email or call 212.828.2560




MFA Faculty Member Robert Hunt Wins Hamilton King Award From Society of Illustrators

Business of Illustration MFA Faculty Member and Presentor, Robert Hunt, has just won the coveted Hamilton King Award from the Society of Illustrators for "The best work by a Society member in the Annual Exhibition." Society post here.

Hunt gave this speech on February 6, 2015 at the Society of Illustrators show in New York while receiving his award:

This is a completely unanticipated and inconceivable moment for me. The real award, I believe, is the privilege of addressing all of you tonight. I want to take just a few minutes of your time to thank a few people and also tell you a short story.
I wish to thank the previous recipients of this award, Society of Illustrators, the Board, Tim, Chris, Alessandro, and Anelle, not only for this great honor but for their efforts to make the Society a more inclusive and diverse place, welcome to all illustrators young and old, at every stage of our careers. It is a great accomplishment and I would like to take this opportunity- we should all take a moment -to thank them for that.
Thanks to Eric Skillman, the great art Director at Criterion, for the opportunity, and to Peter Wier and cinematographer Russell Boyd for making the beautiful film Picnic at Hanging Rock, upon which my illustration is based.
As this is a career award as well, I need to acknowledge many people, so many that I would be here all night and still leave people out. So, to my friends, fellow illustrators, colleagues at CCA, all the art directors I have worked with- Many of them are here tonight... I should point out that Gerry Counihan, who gave me my first job in NY is here tonight. Many many art directors and illustrators can trace their careers back to Gerry. Thanks to my students past and present-and my own teachers and mentors. You all have a large part in my presence here tonight and I sincerely thank all of you.
I wish to dedicate this award to four people without any one of whom I would not be here: My beautiful wife Lynn- and I wish for all of you to have someone in your life providing the kind of unconditional and unwavering, positive support I have. Not just logistical support but encouragement to pursue creative freedom over immediate financial gain. And to my friends David Grove and Dugald Stermer, and Kazu Sano,
Some of you know that I was (inexplicably) a math teacher before I was an illustrator, so there may be a few numbers in this story:
This is the 50th anniversary of the Hamilton King Award.
A little over 35 years I met a woman named Barbara Bradley. She had come to New York in 1950 and became one of the only women in the Charles Cooper studios for 10 years before moving back to California and becoming a drawing teacher. She struck me as a little old lady, but I now realize she was in her early fifties when I met her. She told me illustration was a beautiful profession, and she thought, with some work, I could find a career in the business. I still hear her voice every day, every time I pick up a pencil. I followed her advice and In 1980, 35 years ago, I started doing work as an illustrator, and not long after, I had my first piece accepted into this show. I scraped up the money to come here to the opening.
I remember stepping off the curb and having the special New York experience of feeling my shoe fill with ice water.
I walked into this same event over 30 years ago, through the red door, leaving a trail or wet footprints through the crowd, and I immediately sought my own work out- we all do it. I remember exactly where my piece was, on the back of a crossbar, right over there. I remember everything about it- what was next to it, what was on the wall across from it... And I realized, as I looked at it, I was standing in front of the worst piece in the show. By far. I wanted to go home, I wanted to take it down.
I went home and I tried to do better.  As time went by I started to gain a little more understanding of what Illustration is really about. It’s about work, success, failure, stress, joy, and Love.
Teaching started to become more and more important to me...and as it did, I started to listen to my own advice.
So now here we are, over 30 years later. I’ve had a few pieces in the show since then, and I always try come to the opening if I am in or not- and eventually my pieces looked a little better and eventually I felt like I got to a place where I was able to hold my own. But ...I never saw this, tonight, coming in a million years.
But what I will tell you- out there in this crowd tonight, perhaps there’s a young man or young woman... who perhaps has their first piece in this show, and maybe you feel like I did 35 years ago. But now... Lets Imagine now that it’s thirty-five years in the future, that its the year 2050. It seems like a long way off- but on that night you may be here again. Your hovercraft may be right outside...and you may be standing right here, on this very stage, getting this very award. I hope I can be there to congratulate you. On that night, 35 years from now, 100 years from when Barbara Bradley came to New York, we- all of us here- will be connected by what we have in common, what we have in common going back even farther, the opportunity to participate in the making of things that might inspire emotion, influence opinion, and motivate behavior.
My advice to you is : Enjoy the time between now and then, take a moment occasionally to look up and look around at the beautiful world that we have a special part in. Because on that night, in 35 years, when you are standing here, you will realize: - it will all have happened in the blink of an eye.
Thank You

For more on Robert Hunt, please visit his website:


American Illustration 34 Call for Entries

American Illustration 34 is calling for entries now! Deadline: February 20, 2015.

-Enter here-


Whether you win or not, all ENTRANTS benefit through AI-AP’s continued focus of honoring, connecting and informing the photography, illustration and creative community. 


Entrants receive the following benefits upon making their submission.


When you enter, your work is seen by a jury made up exclusively of top creative professionals who assign and utilize photography and illustration, including art directors, designers, photo editors, art buyers, curators, editors and publishers. The jury views ALL images submitted and may obtain contact info for the artists, whether they are selected or not. Jurors have been known to assign work, on the spot, to artists they have just seen during the judging.


All Entrants receive free subscriptions to our daily email newsletters with articles and features edited and written by David Schonauer,Peggy Roalf and Robert Newman. You may unsubscribe from any individual newsletter at anytime and manage your subscriptions from your member account.

• Pro Photo Daily

• DART: Design Arts Daily

• Motion Arts Pro

• Profiles (coming soon)

• Dispatches From Latin America


AI-AP Entrants receive a 53% discount off the book when making their submission. Advance book orders are $35 plus S&H, a savings of $40 off the regular cover price of $75. This discount is only offered to entrants through the Call For Entries when making their submission.


AI-AP Entrants receive an invitation with a discount ticket of $25 to attend The Party and BIG TALK symposium, our annual, two-day launch events in November to celebrate the winners, the new AI-AP books, along with the Latin American and Motion Art shows.


AI-AP Entrants receive a 20% discount on entry fees to our other shows. Details to come.

• Latin American Fotogafía and Ilustración

• International Motion Arts Pro


AI-AP Entrants receive discounts to products and services from our partners. A discount code and link will be provided for each company by email when you complete your submission and check out. 

Entrants will receive a 15% discount on subscriptions to all creative contact lists. Subscription includes over 50,000 creatives across North America with powerful list targeting tools. 


My Crocodile Does Not Bite by Joe Kulka's (Class of 2015) Nominated for the 2015-2016 Nebraska Golden Sower Primary Award

MFA student Joe Kulka's (Class of 2015) book My Crocodile Does Not Bite has been nominated for the 2015-2016 Nebraska Golden Sower Primary Award. The Golden Sower Award is Nebraska’s Children’s Choice Literary Award. The award is given yearly, with recipients of the award selected by Nebraska school children.

The Golden Sower Award consists of three levels:  Primary, Intermediate and Young Adult. Each level consists of a list of ten nominated titles. To be eligible to vote, the child must read or listen to a minimum of four current nominees between June 2015 and April 2016. The winning book in each level will be honored at the Nebraska Library Association annual conference in the fall of 2016.

The Golden Sower Committee maintains a web page ( on the Nebraska Library Association website. The site enables children, librarians, and teachers from across Nebraska to view current Golden Sower nominees. It is also used to promote quality literature for children and young adults. 


MFA Alumni Work Featured in BYU Alumni 50th Anniversary Show

The Hartford MFA in Illustration program is happy to have learned that several of our former students are exhibiting work in the BYU Department of Visual Arts 50-Year Anniversary Alumni Show, "Every Polished Grace."

Particpants include Eric Himle (MFA Class of 2014), Greg Newbold (MFA Class of 2009), and Val Paul Taylor (MFA Class of 2010).

The Above is Titled "Unburdened," by Greg Newbold, 24x32 oil on canvas

The show runs from January 16 to February 9 2015 occupying all three floors and the secured gallery exhibit space of the Harris Fine Arts Center on the campus of Brigham Young University. You can learn more about the BYU Department of Visual Arts, or if you are an alumnus, submit to be in an alumni show, on their website:


Chris Piascik Illustrates Rhode Island Monthly. 

Current MFA Student Chris Piascik (Class of 2015) Illustrated the current cover of Rhode Island Monthly!

You can check out this, and more of Chris's work on his website:

For more on Rhode Island Monthy, visit