"Another 1,000 Days of Drawing"

We've heard from many prominent illustrators that the time in their careers when they have been most gratified has followed a personal, self-initiated project. Class of 2015's Chris Piascik has been posting a drawing on his website every Monday-Friday since the end of 2007, a personal project that he credits his illustration career to.

In 2012 he published a book featuring the first 1,000 drawings and, the other day, Chris reached number 2,000! He plans on publishing his second book featuring drawings 1,001-2000 and is looking for support via Kickstarter to help fund the production of the book.


Julia Y (Class of 2015) Exhibiting in Seattle.

Julia Y (class of 2015) currently has 14 pieces of mixed-media illustration on exhibit in Seattle. This work includes some illustrations from her schooling at University of Hartford and new work created since graduation. Work can be viewed in person and original art and reprints can be purchased online. 

Her mixed media process integrated sewing and painting. She utilizes shapes of cut fabric, patterns and textures, literal splashes of color, linear elements rendered in thread, and areas of detailed painting. Saturated colors, found materials, geometric shapes, angles, curves, and swirls are used to depict a highly stylized representation of reality.

Also, tentacles. Lots and lots of tentacles.

In her ongoing series of “Sea Critters” Julia has taken inspiration from marine life. The animals depicted are real, yet have appearances that are weirder than any fictional creature.

Located at: Solo Bar- 200 Roy St, Suite 104, Seattle, Washington 98109
On view: October 04- December 05, 2015
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Creative Quarterly 41 Winners

CQ41 Winners Announced: WOW, it's wonderful to see the names of so many current students and alumni! Congratulations Q. Cassetti, Scott Bakal, David Hohn, Christopher Lyles, Dave Szalay, Alyssa Menold, Andrew Nilsen, Brian Bowes and Eric Wieringa!


Interview with Christine Kornacki

Class of 2016's Christine Kornacki was interviewed by her agent at CATugeau: Artist Agency. Christine shares her experiences as a student in the program and how it has impacted her career and artistic growth.

She is a true representation of what our program is all about!

You can read the full interview here.



Best of Connecticut 2015

Magge Gagliardi (c/o 2013) illustrated the cover of the September issue of Connecticut Magazine, a special, annual publication which features the "Best of Connecticut's food, drink, shopping and more!" 


Hiding Dinosaurs

Recent graduate, Dan Moynihan, had his first picture book Hiding Dinosaurs published this month! Dan developed the story and book dummy during his first summer in Ted and Betsy Lewin's children's book class.

New readers will delight in this rib-tickling fantasy with its exuberant illustrations and hilarious twist.

"What could be more fun than a houseful of prehistoric pals? When a boy discovers that dinosaurs are emerging from the eggs sitting on the kitchen counter, it's a dream come true. Unfortunately, the boy is not so sure Mom and Dad will feel the same way, so he decides to hide his new friends. That plan works for a while, but the dinosaurs keep growing, and growing, and growing! The boy is running out of hiding places. When the secret is out, how will Mom and Dad react?"

We're proud of Dan's hard work, creativity and talent!


The Art of Illustrated Maps 

Frequent guest speaker during the Hartford Contact Periods, John Roman, announced his new book The Art of Illustrated Maps: A Complete Guide to Creative Mapmaking's History, Process and Inspiration, that will be released on October 16, 2015. The book also features the work of alumnus Mario Zucca (c/o 2013). 

"You’ll appreciate The Art of Illustrated Maps if:

  • You're interested in illustrated conceptual maps
  • You want to learn more about creative cartography
  • You want examples from illustrators around the world

This is the first book ever to fully explore the fascinating world of "illustrated" conceptual maps. Author and map artist John Roman traces the roots of imaginative mapping from their beginnings over two thousand years ago, and shows us how the human mind is programmed to instinctively relate to the geographic exaggerations illustrated maps are famous for.This book maps the origins and history of creative cartography, analyzes why our brains so easily relate to conceptual maps, presents how professional artists create illustrated maps, and showcases the works of contemporary map illustrators from around the world."