Inga Poslitur Excepted into the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe 118th Exhibition

"Tulips Red and White," a painting by MFA Alumnus Inga Poslitur (Class of 2012), has been accepted for the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe 118th Exhibition at the National Arts Club in New York City.

The Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club came into being over a century ago, and serves to educate the public through its exhibitions and programs taking place throughout the year. 
For 60 years, the Club has been welcomed by the NAC in furthering that goal and hosting the Annual Open Juried Exhibition.

-National Arts Club Website

The show will run December 2nd through the 20th, with a Benefits Reception for the Metropolitain Museum of Art on December 12th, and an Awards Dinner on Friday December 19th.

Seen above is Inga's painting that will be featured in the exhibition, and below is a show-card with more details on the exhibition such as a list of participating artists and location.

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Dennis Nolan's "Hunters of the Great Forest" Made List of "Best Books 2014"

MFA Faculty member Dennis Nolan's new book Hunters of the Great Forest has made School Library Journal's list of the best books of 2014!

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Student Recaps Contact Period NYC

New MFA student Emily Holt (Class of 2016) has recapped her experience during the 2014 Contact Period NYC on her blog! Her post details student activities and includes a list of guest speakers with links to their websites and more information. It is a wonderfully informative read, and an exclusive look into the graduate student experience at the Hartford MFA program. To read the full post (complete with pictures, or course), follow this link.



Students Have a Photoshoot During NYC Contact Period, 2014

While in New York City for their November 2014 Contact Period, students had a photoshoot at the home of faculty members Ted and Betsy Lewin in Brooklyn. More photos from the big trip to come!


Faculty Member Dennis Nolan Receives Positive Review from New York Times

This Sunday's New York Times Book Review has some very positive words about MFA faculty member Dennis Nolan's new book, Hunters of the Great Forest.

If “Fox’s Garden” is like a haiku, then “Hunters of the Great Forest,” by Dennis Nolan...[is] perhaps more like [an] epic poem. “Hunters of the Great Forest” is almost a traditional hero’s-journey story, as a group of tiny hunters travel in search of their surprising and funny prize. There is a whimsical, fairy-tale feeling to the art, which is reminiscent of Johnny Gruelle’s classic Raggedy Ann books." The cunning, red-nosed characters are captivating; one of the most exciting spreads of the book features the creatures simply creeping in a darkened vista with their elongated shadows attached to them like black insects.

But the book’s greatest charm and poetic achievement is in offering a new point of view. The detailed world of these bug-size creatures is immediately enveloping; readers will nervously begin to imagine dangers in the textures of the tree bark. The frightening realities of being minuscule in a big world are, however, counterbalanced by the great joys of a small pleasure at the end (no spoiler here!).

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Ryan Maguire's (Class of 2012) Illustration is Suitable for Space

MADink's illustration goes deep space with Melanie Saunders, Arts & Living Editor of South County Independent and the University of Rhode Island in Suitable for Space: URI professor on a Mission to Reinvent Clothes for Astronauts, as part of the official 100 Year Starship Project (  

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50 Markets of Illustration

Last week, visiting faculty John Roman released his first book, 50 Markets of Illustration, an informational book for freelance illustrators or recent graduates looking to break into a new market. The book features the work of several Hartford Art School Illustrators, both faculty and staff. If you've ever wondered what a particular field of illustration entails, and what the work itself looks like, then this is the book for you.

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Map Illustration represented by Mario Zucca (Class of 2013)


SciFi/Fantasy Illustration represented by Murray Tinkelman