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News from David Labrozzi

The Illustrators Club of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia just completed their annual Members Show at The Art Institute of Washington in Rosslyn. Even though the weather was not so nice for the opening, we still received great attendance. Paul Zdepski and myself were among the local Illustrators who exhibited works through the month of December into January. We always promote the MFA program at the shows and this year we may have even gotten 2 candidates. One is Charlotte Fremaux who seems to be very interested in proceeding. The other is Jim Starr. I recognize Jim from the IC for, well … forever. Both Illustrators would be great additions to the program.

We design many tours, seminars, speakers, etc … through the Illustrators Club every year. Last year we toured a local private collection of Golden Age Illustration. I'll leave some mystery, but the collection rivals many of those which are on public display. The collection owners love to show the works; especially to people with a background and knowledge of Illustration. As such, the Illustrators Club has been invited back for future tours. I'll be sure to let everyone in our classes know when the next tour is scheduled. The Illustrators Club events can also be checked out on the web at: http://illustratorsclub.org/ We normally post all upcoming events on the site.

I will be in one more show from January 19 — February 27, titled "Seasons." The show will be held at Montgomery College in Rockville, MD at the Communications Arts Technology (CAT) Gallery. Martha Vaughn (one of Murray's former students in the MA, Syracuse Program) puts this show together. It features 12 Illustrators/12 pieces. It's an honor for me to be shown with some of my favourites from the Washington DC area. I've attached a copy of the show postcard to this e-mail.

Barclay Tucker to create illustrations for a children's book

Last week I was asked to create illustrations for the Book Fat Freddy's Afraid To Fall By Angela Holzer, MA. It is a part of a children's book series called Speak With Me that helps with speech development. They are published by Good Sound Publishing. Above is my initial Character design of Freddy. I am looking forward to working on it within the next few months.

News from Ted Michalowski

Here are the exhibitions I've been in since a student in the Hartford program. I have them by year, especially in case you only want shows since graduating, which I did in 2007 as of the Thesis Exhibition.

For possibly noteworthy stuff in addition to exhibitions, I've been doing more courtroom illustration for CNN, and running the weekly Drawing Socials at AfA Gallery in Scranton, PA (drawing group with live music performances). Also I was awarded Best Visual Artist 2008 by Electric City (Scranton's weekly).

2009 Members Show, AfA Gallery, Scranton, PA

2008 Drawing Social Original Drawings, One-Man Show, Eden Café, Scranton, PA

2008 AfA Annual Auction, Group Auction Show, AfA Gallery, Scranton, PA

2008 AnthropomorPlease, One-Man Show, Everything Natural Gallery, Clarks Summit, PA

2008 NEPA Regional Art 2008, various Scranton galleries, Scranton, PA

2008 Size is Relative, Silpe Gallery, Alumni Show, Hartford Art School, Hartford, CT

2008 September Members Show, AfA Gallery, Scranton, PA

2008 AfA Live Drawing Exhibition, Group Show, AfA Gallery, Scranton, PA

2008 Members Show, Society of Illustrators, New York City, NY

2008 Drawcore, One-Man Show, Main St. Jukebox Gallery, Stroudsburg, PA

2008 The Pink Show, Two-Person Show, The 411 Studio, Olyphant, PA

2008 Keystone College Faculty Exhibition, Linder Gallery, La Plume, PA,

2008 Original Drawing Social Works, Starbucks Coffee, Scranton, PA

2008 Members Show, AfA Gallery, Scranton, PA

2007 Holiday Exhibition, Members Show, AfA Gallery, Scranton, PA

2007 Ted Michalowski – Laura Orvieto, Two-Person Show, Marquis Gallery, Scranton, PA

2007 Marywood University Faculty Biennial, Mahady Gallery, Scranton, PA

2007 Pen, Paper, and Ink, Group Show, AfA Gallery, Scranton, PA

2007 Hartford Art School MFA Illustration Thesis Exhibition, Silpe Gallery, Hartford, CT

2007 Members Show, Society of Illustrators, New York City, NY

2007 The Old Broad Show, Members Show, AfA Gallery, Scranton, PA

2007 Madness Exhibition, Members Show, AfA Gallery, Scranton, PA

2006 Holiday Exhibition, Members Show, AfA Gallery, Scranton, PA

2006 AfA Annual Auction, Group Auction Show, AfA Gallery, Scranton, PA

2006 The Charlie Genius Show, Two-Person Show, Test Pattern Gallery, Scranton, PA

2006 The Governor’s Exhibition, F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts,
Wilkes-Barre, PA

From Lisa Cyr

Lisa dropped us a note to see the newest article on her at the Profile website>>

Lee Allen Smith statue photos from Mike Wimmer

Mike Wimmer, Lee Allen Smith Statue

Thought I'd share a few pics of me working on the sculpture of Lee Allen

Smith. You can see him in some of the pics in the background with his family

members. They were very happy with the way it turned out, now it's off to

the foundry. (from Mike Wimmer's email)

News from Dan Brawner

Becky and I are just back from a summer south of the border. We drove down with our doggies. Takes 3 full days to drive to our wee casa in Patzcuaro. Beautiful drive thru the Sierre Madres. Crossing the border was no biggie. Harder to cross into Kentucky. 2 months in Mexico was super great, and I got a lot of drawing done, and attracted some cool new projectos. We explored remote villages in search of weird pottery, explored densely populated markets, and wandered. Came home and irony bit me in the ass. Was home two days, went to Nashville's Farmer's Market, and I had my pocket picked. Lost $60! Came home with no peaches. Explored the gut and heart of Mexico only to come back and get ripped off in my own hometown. Aargh!!! Oh, for the safe haven of our cool little mtn town.

Shameless self promotion: my thesis series won a gold medal from 3x3 mag (grad student annual). Won an award for my pic in the Society's Members' Open this summer, so I'll be included in Illustrators 50.

Our Flickr account!

Chuck P reminds everyone there is a Flickr account set up for the Hartford Illustration MFA students. He set this account up so everyone can upload and share any pictures they want from the program. Set up categories and collections, leave pithy comments...have fun.
The site is:

We will post a link to the left for posterity. Engage! Upload!