Visit Ryan Maguire (Class of 2012) at New York ComicCon Tomorrow!

Ryan Maguire (Class of 2012) will be holed up in a booth this Saturday, October 15, at the New York ComiCom in the Javits Center in New York City.

So if you have Saturday tickets (the event is officially sold out) make sure to swing by the Plastic City Toys booth and say hello!


3x3 International Illustrator Income Survey Now Available

3x3 Magazine's first annual Illustrator Income Survey, an 88-page handbook that details the incomes of 616 illustrators in a beautifully designed format, with lots of cool charts and graphs, is now available.

Order the print-on-demand version of the handbook for $30 through Blurb (where you can preview a limited number of pages for free) or get the downloadable .pdf for $5 through 3x3

If you'd like to participate in the survey next time around, contact 3x3 at with the subject line: Survey. Those who participate in the survey receive a free copy of the results.


ICON7 Presale Registration Open

Wow, ICON7 is no joke! Visit their fantastic new website, intended to function as a portal to the illustration community. Get in on presale tickets: only fifty available at $450, so get 'em while you can. Early registration is now available at several pricing levels—register now.

And while you're there, get a preview of the stunning poster. Reflecting the theme of this year's conference, Drawn Together, it's a collaboration between ICON7 speakers Chris Buzelli and Jessica Hische, art directed by board president, illustrator Jonn Hendrix.


Faculty Zina Saunders' Animations for Mother Jones: Two for Tuesday

Catch up on faculty Zina Saunders' recent animated political commentary for Mother Jones. Last week it was Archbishop Timothy Dolan's anti-gay sermon, this week billionaire Charles Koch is the man in the mirror, making an appeal to the billionaire in all of us.


Confessions of a Mixed Media Artist

Check out faculty Lisa Cyr's newly launched blog, Confessions of a Mixed Media Artist.

"Every attempt at the easel presents an opportunity to explore new tools, materials and processes. Without a set intention, I create. There are happy accidents that begin to happen. When I take chances and challenge the unknown, things that I could not have predicted occur. I find that when I begin to play, I open the door for discovery to enter. This blog is a documentation of my ongoing process of discovery." -Lisa Cyr


National Figures at William Scott Gallery with Jim Burke (Class of 2012) and Scott Bakal (Class of 2007)

Above left: Jim Burke's "James," and right: Scott Bakal's "Explosion#1"

The William Scott Gallery presents National Figures, a show curated by Damon Lehrer and Rick Berry exhibiting a handful of well-known figure painters, including Jim Burke (Class of 2012) and Scott Bakal (Class of 2007).

See Scott's blog post about the process of creating his pieces for the show here.

Join the artists for an opening reception Friday, October 7, from 6-8pm at The William Scott Gallery, 450 Harrison Ave., #65, Boston, Massachusetts. Parking is free and available.


Society of Illustrators 22nd Members Open Call For Entries: Fear

One of the benefits of being a member of the Society of Illustrators is being eligible to submit work to exhibits such as this members open, titled Fear.

The society asks members to confront their worst fears: ghosts, cockroaches, spiders, snakes, heights, water, enclosed spaces, tunnels and bridges, failure, public speaking, exams... and of course, deadlines! (which in this case is November 14)

The jury for this exhibit includes Steve Brodner, Dennis Calero, Joe Ciardiello, Leslie Cober-Gentry (Class of 2011), and Kinuko Craft, with Guy Billout as Chairman.

Illustration by Perry Peterson