READ: The Artfuls interviews with Kristian Olson (Class of 2011) and Peg Nocciolino (Class of 2011)

Illustration above left: Kristian Olson. Illustration above right: Peg Nocciolino

Read interviews with two recent graduates from the Class of 2011, Kristian Olson and Peg Nocciolino, on The Artfuls, an online platform for illustrators. Kristian was interviewed earlier in the month, and Peg's interview is the latest interview on the site.

Kristian was also recently featured in Coroflot's member gallery, in addition to being selected as one of Hire An Illustrator's Featured Portfolios.


Reminder: REBOOT, RETOOL, REFUEL: September 24-25

We're counting down to this two-day conference on the new hybrid world of illustration, visual design, and technology, so register now! Pratt's Manhattan campus will host the Graphics Artists Guild event and it's handful of established industry leaders, who will put in clear focus the vast range of tools, tactics and business strategies available to you now. Call 212/791-3400 x11 for more information and visit the site to register.


WATCH: Faculty Zina Saunders Previews GOP Debate for Mother Jones

Get ready for tonight's Fox News/Google GOP debate with faculty Zina Saunders' most recent hilarious editorial animation for Mother Jones!

Zina creates weekly editorial animations for Mother Jones riffing on political news and current events of the week. Missed one? See them all here.


Ryan Maguire (Class of 2012) Exhibits in Sink or Swim at Spoke Art Gallery

Ryan Maguire's (Class of 2012) original pencil illustration for the program's San Francisco assignment, The Ghost of Shark Fin, travels this month from an exhibit in Japan to San Francisco's Spoke Art Gallery.

The traveling exhibit, Sink or Swim, benefits sharks and oceans through Japan's non-profit organization Pangeaseed. Spoke Art will host a reception party on September 23 from 6-10pm.

Large 30 x 40 inch Giclee prints of Ryan's illustration (left) will be for sale, the proceeds of which will go to Pangeaseed and organizations aiding animals affected by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.


David Apatoff Features Faculty Chris Payne on Illustration Art

Faculty Chris Payne dazzles his HAS MFA in Illustration program students every summer with a demonstration of his technique. David Apatoff's blog entry on Payne this week encourages us to take a closer look at the artistry in his work.

David Apatoff is the author of the blog Illustration Art Celebrating great art in humble places: the glorious talents of the artists who illustrated stories, advertisements and comics in the 20th century.

left: detail of a Chris Payne illustration


REBOOT, RETOOL, REFUEL: September 24-25 ...register now!

Don't miss this two-day conference on the new hybrid world of illustration, visual design, and technology. Join the New York Chapter of the Graphic Artist Guild for two days of lectures, presentations, and panel discussions with established industry leaders, including a keynote delivery by illustrator and HAS MFA faculty Daniel Pelavin. Learn what you need to know and discover different ways to upgrade your skills; how to market yourself and get the work you want; information about contracts, copyright, and protecting your creative assets; what rates to charge and how to make a living getting the work you love to do. The conference runs September 24-25 at Pratt in New York City.

Also... an EVENING OF NETWORKING, including a portfolio share, on Friday, September 23, 6:30-9pm.

Register before September 17 for an early discount. Students receive an additional 10% discount. Register now!


Follow-up: Murray Tinkelman at NHIA

The New Hampshire Institute of Art students and faculty were honored this month to host HAS MFA in Illustration Director Murray Tinkelman for a two-part lecture on the History of American Illustration. Jim Burke (Class of 2012) has been Chairman of the NHIA Illustration Department since 2009. The faculty for the student body of 200 illustration majors includes Polly Becker, Jerry LoFaro, Sean Beavers, Jill Weber, and Ryan O'Rourke (Class of 2012).

Says Burke, "Murray's lectures were exceptional and captivating as always. Murray is a gem in our industry and delivers the authoritative historical overview of American Illustration that is critical for students and faculty alike."

From left to right: Sean Beavers, Murray Tinkelman and Jim Burke. Building on right: 88 Lowell Street, the first green building on an urban college campus in the state of New Hampshire, and home to the NHIA Illustration Department.