Alumnus Dave Szalay (Class of 2013) Has won an Individual Excellence Award in Illustration from The Ohio Arts Council

Hartford MFA Alumnus Dave Szalay (Class of 2013) has won an Individual Excellence Award in Illustration from The Ohio Arts Council. The Individual Excellence Awards program provides grants to Ohio artists for the exceptional merit of a completed body of work. These awards recognize creativity and imagination that exemplify the highest level of achievement and advancement of the art form for a particular discipline. With this support the OAC encourages the growth and development of individual artists. Awards are offered in the following areas: choreography, crafts, fiction/non-fiction, poetry, playwriting/screenplays, criticism, design arts/illustration , interdisciplinary/performance art, media arts, music composition, photography, and visual arts. The awards are based on the quality of past work and are not project-based.


Find out more about the OAC here:

And see more from Dave Szalay on his website:


David M. Brinley (Class of 2010) (Follow-up from April 2014)

David M. Brinley, Class of 2010

The latest issue of Rolling Stone (#1206 April 10, 2014) hit the newsstands March 28th and contains David Brinley’s illustration for the "Rural America's Heroin Epidemic" cover story.  It was a unique opportunity/collaboration for the final spread with Art Director Mark Maltais.  From David’s painting, a label was created, which was then printed out and wrapped on a syrup can to be photographed for the spread by Fredrik Broden. 

Photo: Fredrik Broden
Painting: David M. Brinley
Lettering: Jon Valk

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The article/images also caused quite a stir locally in Vermont follow this link to see more.

You can also see the entire article with images online here, courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine



Q. Cassetti Wins in Creative Quarterly 39

MFA Alumnus Q. Cassetti (Class of 2009) had a set of 5 images selected in the winner category for Creative Quarterly 39. The images come from her 2014 Kawaii Christmas Advent Calendar, a very personal holiday project which was recognized publicly by the judges and Charles Hively at Creative Quarterly.

See her announcement and all the winning photos on her Facebook page:


Chris Piascik Illustrative Hand-Lettering Class with CreativeLive


MFA Student Chris Piascik (Class of 201) recently created an online class with CreativeLive about illustrative hand-lettering. He recorded the class while in San Francisco for the MFA contact period. This upcoming week CreativeLive is featuring select lettering courses including Chris'. As a result his class will be discounted through Friday April 17th. 



Ryan Maguire Illustrates Cover of Dig Boston Magazine

MFA Alumnus Ryan Maguire (Class of 2012) illustrates the Cover of Dig Boston!

"With the guilty verdict on all 30 counts for what's-his-face, we move on and look forward to celebrating the Boston Marathon with our spirited cover by Ryan Maguire!"

-DigBoston's Facebook Page

Cover Illustration 
"Peace will set the Pace."
Publication: Dig Boston Magazine
Art Director: Tak Toyoshima

View more of Ryan's work on his website:


Chris Piascik Contributer to ’Transcend,’ Featured on CNN

MFA Student Chris Piascik (Class of 2015) has contributed a poster of Muhamed Ali titled, "The Greatest, Pacifist" to the project, 'Transcend.'
As described on the Transcend website, "Bleacher Report has partnered with the Creative Action Network, a community of artists & designers around the world, and commissioned 20 artists to each create a single work that captures a sports figure, event or evolution that hold power and meaning far beyond any scoreboard.”  
You can view the write-up on Chris' piece (featured above) at:
Chris Piascik's poster in particular was highlighted during a CNN feature of the project. You can watch the whole story here:

Walt Reed Has Sadly Passed.

We are sad to inform you that Walt Reed passed away in his home on March 19, 2015.

To all of you who have met Walt Reed and Roger Reed, we would appreciate it if you would send an email to Roger Reed recalling what Walt meant to you and send a copy to to be posted on Squint.

The History of Illustration, the respect for illustration, and the collecting of illustration, would probably not exist as it does without Walt Reed opening the doors and educating all of us.

Painting of Walt Reed by Ron Spears